Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just Say NO to GMO Hemp!

Okay here's the situation as I understand it to the best of my impaired ability. In a few states farmers are finally standing up for themselves and banding together to be allowed to grow that which we have been waiting for all these long years. Good news, right? Oh how I wish!

See, out of concern for the welfare of the women and children (like Waco), the Great White Fathers in WDC (and their Illuminati masters) have determined that the only hemp that civilization can tolerate are patented low to no THC varieties.

So? Why not just grow the "safe, drug-free" hemp and get the ball rolling and a real hemp industry started in this country? Well for one thing, the low to no THC hemp sucks in every way. It's designed primarily to be a fiber crop but the plants are short and the fibers are real short. Most industries are wholly dissatisfied with the products and the results are disappointing at best. And because of terminator technology we can't use them for seed production. It gets worse.

There is every reason to believe that they will export their multipurpose suckyness to every other cannabis variety unlucky enough to be anywhere downwind. (Remember the "Starlink" feed corn and the Canadian canola catastrophe?) THC is a UV blocker which protects developing hemp seed from damaging radiation. Low THC hemp mutates and rapidly loses its reproductive vigor. Exporting this characteristic or God forbid the Terminator trait through air borne pollen would rapidly lead to the demise of the species.

Since they frankenfucked with the genetics I’m concerned about it being released into the environment at all. So please help me out here people whatta ya think we should do? I mean it's only the most important ally our species has ever had.

By Uncle Tim